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08/07/2012 11:35 ● By Rick McGarry

Dalcio Machado, Brazil, b. 1972, Untitled, 2007, 16 15/16" x 12 3/16", Courtesy of the Aydin Dogan Foundation

During periods ofpolitical turbulence, cartoons summarize with their lines what cannot bewritten or said. Which other art can record so economically all the events of the world without using a single word?~ Aydin Dogan

The Flint Institute of Arts will present the exhibition Drawing Together: International Cartoons September 15 through December 30. The cartoons in the exhibition represent award winners of the Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition held annually in Turkey. Following the competition, all 300 finalists are presented to the public through numerous exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. The Aydin Dogan Foundation has been organizing the International Cartoon Competition for 30 years to foster a society in which different ideas and opinions are allowed to thrive.

Agim Sulaj, Italy, Untitled, 2008, 12 5/8 x 9 1/8 inches, Courtesy of the Aydin Dogan Foundation

The works presented do not have captions. Without words, they express concepts and emotions, using a common visual language that cuts across boundaries. Through humor, irony, or clever visual metaphor, cartoons have the capacity to make the viewer think and be challenged on many levels about important themes and ideas that are sometimes difficult to articulate with mere words. While many cartoons deal with world affairs, such as war and peace, environmental issues, and human rights, others deal with more personal issues of hope, love, and despair.

Click here to see more cartoons.

The Flint Institute of Arts is located just two blocks off I-475 in the Flint Cultural Center. Hours are Mon–Wed & Fri 12p–5p; Thu 12p–9p; Sat 10a–5p and Sun 1p-5p. Saturdays are Target Free, and military families receive free admission Memorial Day through Labor Day. For more information visit, or call 810.234.1695

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