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African Safari Wildlife Park

06/05/2013 20:50 ● By Rick McGarry
The African Safari Wildlife Park is a drive through wildlife park in Port Clinton, Ohio. (About 2 hours from Livingston County). Visitors can drive through the 100-acre preserve and see more than 50 species in their natural habitat. The species in the preserve include giraffes, zebras (including the rare white zebra), buffalo, alpaca, llama, warthogs, deer, elk, bison, dromedary and bactrian camels, and giant eland. Many of the animals will come right up to the cars to investigate and to be fed. The park provides one container of food for each car, and additional food can be purchased. Visitors can drive around the preserve as many times as they wish. 

There is also a walking section, which includes the food pavilion, gift shop, pig races, educational shows, camel and pony rides, and a petting zoo.

In the summer the park is open from 9am - 7pm. No cars are admitted after 6pm.

Admission is 19.95. Children 4-6 pay 12.95.

Join them on Facebook to see more pictures, or visit their web site for more information.

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