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Babies Benefit from Television Football

08/27/2013 13:17 ● By Rick McGarry

Boot Camp For New Dads conducts research on men’s interactions with babies to foster their full development as fathers. An intriguing issue is the importance of cognitive and spatial factors to a new baby’s ability to see, focus, and learn. Scientists have known for years that infants are able to focus better on contrasting colors, and that they are also attracted to movement. When the movement of contrasting colors occurs in rational patterns, ideal learning conditions for infants are presented.

Anecdotal evidence from Boot Camp workshops indicated that babies are attracted to football on TV (movement of contrasting colors in rational patterns), and we decided to explore this matter. We asked 250 Boot Camp veterans to watch a football game with their babies at four, eight, and twelve weeks to determine their enthusiasm for the game using a scale of 0 to10 with 10 being best.

The results were conclusive; 98% of the babies scored 8-10, clearly proving that watching football with dad is highly beneficial for babies as well as an essential bonding opportunity with dad. This quality time is also essential for dad to teach his baby important lessons regarding commitment, passion, and the West Coast offense.

Due to an infant’s poor vision in the critical first weeks, a big screen TV is considered essential to a baby’s optimum development. Veteran dads recommend the largest screen you can afford; a 50” plasma or a 60” projection with HDTV produce the most benefits.

Greg Bishop, author of Crash Course for Dads-to Be advises, “It is important to maintain an authoritative tone when describing the benefits of football and big screen TVs for babies to new moms as they tend to be skeptical.”

Excerpted from Hit the Ground Crawling by Greg Bishop
hit the ground crawling

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