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09/03/2013 16:35 ● By Rick McGarry
By Dawn Papple

As a mother of the greener generation, I am delighted to try products that will leave the planet a little cleaner for my children. As a consumer in our slow growing economy, though, my green choices need to make financial sense. Often, these two aspects come together. This is the case with the ReUsies™ reusable bags.  ReUsies™ are an eco-friendly, cost-effective, safe alternative to disposable snack bags, sandwich bags and small plastic bags of any kinds.


Potential Savings
According to their website, each ReUsie “has the potential to keep hundreds of your family's plastic bags out of our landfills.” To test this claim, I allowed my ReUsies™ to be used for all sorts of things. ReUsies™  cost $15.50 for a pack of two. So, each ReUsie costs $7.75. So, that seemed pretty expensive if it was only going to be equal to “hundreds” of sandwich bags. I can get a hundred sandwich bags for a buck. 

I let my little four year old play to her aggressive heart’s content with the sandwich bags. I figured since she has mad skills for breaking things it would be a good test of their strength. I also threw them in with almost every load of laundry I did for a month. They are showing absolutely zero sign of wear. As a former cloth diapering mother, I am aware that a well-made cloth item can survive several years of daily use and washing. ReUsies™ are well made. The claim that they will save my family from throwing away hundreds of plastic bags is a gross understatement. Given my experience with reusable diapers and diapering wetbags, I feel confident suggesting that one ReUsie could follow a child through their entire elementary school years. 

ReUsies™   are 100% cotton, lined with leak-resistant nylon that is completely free of BPA and phthalates. I would fully expect any reusable food item to be BPA free these days, but being phthalates free is a very progressive trend that many of our products could and should be following. In one study, test subjects that had even ‘modest’ levels of phthalates in their bloodstream were twice as likely to develop diabetes.(1) We have a childhood diabetes crisis in our country. Certainly there are numerous causes for the trend toward obesity and diabetes in American children, but when we can remove known toxin exposure, as parents, we should.

ReUsies™ are marketed for food storage, but have a multitude of uses. They work perfectly for storing make-up safely in your purse, protecting glasses or sunglasses from scratches, storing crayons in a diaper bag or back pack, keeping Barbie’s high heels safe on a long trip and action figures “warm” when used as sleeping bags. You could use them for cell phones, a hand held Nintendo or even a Kindle.  

Food for Thought/Downside
ReUsies™   are available in many different designs. Please consider that these bags will be with you for years when choosing a design. Little green monsters may be adorable in Kindergarten, but could prove embarrassing in a young man’s lunch box by fifth grade.

Where to Buy
You should be able to find ReUsies™   at the following locations:
Chelsea Pharmacy, 1125 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118
Children's Orchard, 877 Eisenhower, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Schuler Books, 1982 Grand River Avenue, Okemos, MI 48864
Stockbridge Pharmacy, 110 S Clinton, Stockbridge, MI 49285

1. Whitelocks, Sadie. "Chemical in Fake Tan and Make-up Is Linked to Obesity and Diabetes."Mail Online. Daily Mail, 13 Apr. 2012. 

Dawn Papple is a lifelong Livingston County resident and freelance writer who also writes for the Everything Birth natural parenting community. 

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