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Sneak Preview November 2013 Issue

10/23/2013 18:42 ● By Rick McGarry

Cover Photo by Christina Maria Photography and Design

Click here to read the November issue online.

Bob Sornson, president of The Early Learning Foundation, is back with an article about Parenting with Empathy on page 6 of the November issue. (The Crucial K-3 Years )

Princess Ivana is married to Adriano Pignatelli Aragona Cortes, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, and she has some ideas about how to help children stop whining, on our website, and also on page 8 of the November issue. (Why Kids Whine)

The Livingston County Chess Club thinks your child might benefit from joining them to play chess. They explain why on page 15.

Maribeth Kuzmeski is the author of 6 books, including one called The Engaging Child. She wants to help your child connect with other people in a more meaningful way. Her article is on page 16, and she has some ideas about teaching children how to make small talk on our website.(Small People and Small Talk)

Meg Koenemann, who shared about paper bag pumpkins in the October issue 9 (and Jack-o’-Lantern Pizza on our website), has been doing some crafty thanksgiving stuff with her kids. Read all about it on page 18.

There are also articles about how to help children shop for gifts, and how to cope with daylight savings time.

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