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Most Popular Halloween Costumes

10/25/2013 11:53 ● By Rick McGarry
Tada investigated trending Halloween costume search terms provided by and surveyed 7,315 online shoppers to compile these Halloween statistics.

38% of those polled expect to be putting on a costume this year. Of those who will be wearing costumes, 31% will be wearing it throughout the day, and 40% will be wearing theirs just for the party. 70% of then will spend $25 or more on their costume.

Popular costumes for Babies

1. Zombie

2. Penguin

3. Parrot

4. Alice in Wonderland

5. Charlie Brown

Popular Costumes for Kids

1. Minion

2. Peacock

3. Lone Ranger

4. Minecraft Creeper

5. Assassins Creed

What about your family? What costumes are your kids wearing this year?

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