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Sneak Preview December 2013

11/22/2013 14:53 ● By Rick McGarry
Click here to read the December issue online. 

We have excerpts from Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want, by Nancy Rose, on our website and on page 9 of the December issue. Calling herself “The Acceptance Advocate,“ Nancy offers presentations and workshops, and writes about the fundamental need of children to be accepted as they are, and her new model of parenting called Leading with Acceptance.

"It was clear. Santa had sold me out. Sitting high atop his gumdrop adorned throne he granted wishes with reckless abandon. He delighted children while horrifying the parents who were stuck mentally calculating their impending holiday debt and chewing antacids in doses much higher than the printed labels suggested." Don't miss this reprinted article from page 16

We have another excerpt, from The Mom Comedies: Do Dragonflies Roar?, by Lauren Lauterwasser, on page 17.

Meg Koenemann ( explains how you can make Christmas ornaments with your kids on page 20.

There are 4 pages of events, 7 giveaways on page 22, plus Off the Wall and Ongoing Parenting Resources.
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