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Honey Mustard Caveman Drumsticks

12/03/2013 14:51 ● By Rick McGarry
Here’s a more traditional and favorite appetizer with a Paleo twist. Honey is Paleo-friendly but not encouraged in large amounts. Here it is a bit of a treat. The longer you stay on the Paleo diet, the more sensitive you will become to sweet flavors and the less you will desire to sweeten things.

3 lbs chicken drumsticks
Salt and pepper for browning and just before serving
¼ cup coconut oil
1⁄3 cup honey
2 tbsp stone-ground mustard
3 cloves garlic, crushed

Cooking Instructions
› Salt and pepper drumsticks and brown them in a broiler for 5 minutes, turning once.
› Each broiler is different so watch closely to make sure drumsticks don’t burn.
› Meanwhile, melt the coconut oil and mix it with the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl.
› Place browned chicken in bowl and mix until coated with the sauce.
› Pour everything into the slow cooker and cook on low heat for 5 hours.
› Salt and pepper the drumsticks before serving.

The Paleo Slow Cooker by Arsy Vatanian Race Point Publishing February 2013 2700
This recipe is excerpted from The Paleo Slow Cooker by Arsy Vatanian [Race Point Publishing, February 2013, $27.00 

Arsy Vartanian is a foodie and Paleo diet success story herself. Her blog Rubies and Radishes (formerly 30 Days of Paleo) features tasty and inventive meals for those Paleo obsessed.  As a young teen, she had an instinct that her parent’s health problems – type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure – were directly linked to diet. It wasn't until 2008 when she started Crossfit and discovered the Paleo diet, that she became headache free for the first time in years, and felt full of energy. 

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