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Snow Paint

12/21/2013 15:47 ● By Rick McGarry

By Meg Koenemann

Recently, my parents mentioned that they had seen a snow painting kit and they offered to buy it for my kids. Save your money, I told them! We have been making our own for the past few years. It’s very quick, easy, and affordable to make snow paint at home, and this never fails to amuse my family during the winter months. As long as there is snow, spray bottles and food coloring, family fun is guaranteed



·         Plastic spray/squeeze bottles

·         Water

·         Liquid food coloring


1.       Fill a clean plastic spray bottle with water. You can buy spray bottles for about $1 or you can repurpose a bottle with a spray nozzle such as one from hairspray. I would not, however, suggest using one that contained chemical cleaners.  Another option we tried this year is to use squeeze bottles, like the ones in which ketchup and mustard are sold.)


2.       Add a few drops of food coloring. I usually use about 6 drops per bottle. You can use straight colors or mix them to make additional colors.

3.       Close the bottle and gently shake to mix.

4.       Head outside and use your new snow paints! This will work with both “spray” and “mist” settings. Kids can make designs in the snow and decorate snowmen or other objects. Our only rule is “Don’t spray people or animals!”  I remind them of this every time we go outside to play with our snow paints. 


Meg Koenemann is always looking for creative things to do with ordinary household items, and often the solution to cabin fever can be found in a kitchen drawer or cupboard! For more ideas on how to keep the kids occupied this winter, visit her blog, Because I Said So (and Other Mommyisms).

Meg tells how to make coffee filter snowflakes on page 20 of the January 2014 Issue.
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