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Livingston Families

Super Science Investigators

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Founded 2013

Educational Excitement through a Day of Discovery K-12 Public, Private, Home Schools, PTA, PTO, Boosters, Fund Raisers Take an interactive tour of the solar system, learn interesting facts about each planet. Zoom in on some of the most interesting and beautiful moons in the solar system. Enjoy breath-taking images including spiral galaxies and globular clusters, as we travel from our own solar system to the edge of the universe. Learn about our closest star the Sun and zoom in to see solar prominences, coronal mass ejections and other wonders of the sun. Our show includes Greek Mythology and how to identify night sky constellations. Finally they get to see what a truly "dark sky experience" looks like while watching the Milky Way Galaxy traverse the skies. We can also take you for a close up view of the sun using professional solar observing telescopes.

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