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Livingston Families

Antique Tractor and Equipment Show

Waterloo Farm Museum

In its seventh year, the Waterloo Area Historical Society's Antique Tractor, Truck, and Farm Equipment Show celebrates the evolution of farming in Michigan, with displays of everything from horse-drawn plows to steam-powered and gasoline-engine machines. Hear the distinctive "POP whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh POP" of hit-and-miss engines. These workhorses of the farm were used to power belt-driven pumps, saws, generators, and even early washing machines. They allowed the farmer--and his wife--to accomplish much more than they were previously able to do. There is no charge for admission to the grounds, and tours of the ten-room farmhouse are only $3 per person.

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday

08/10/2013 through 08/11/2013

10:00AM - 5:00PM