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Sonny Rollins

May 01, 2013 | Cobb Great Hall

When Sonny Rollins picks up the tenor saxophone, the world listens. One of the most important and influential jazz artists ever, he is often called a “Saxophone Colossus,” and as the Village Voice so aptly puts it, he is “the last standing jazz immortal.” His compositions have become jazz standards, and his groundbreaking work on the tenor sax defined the sound of jazz in the 1950s and 60s. At 81, he remains the most exhilarating and inspiring jazz artist performing today. A recent Kennedy Center honoree, his status as a jazz icon cannot be understated. He performs infrequently, and the chance to hear Sonny Rollins in his Wharton Center debut is one that can’t be missed. Say you were there when this living legend comes to East Lansing.